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Sex Therapy

By means of a transparent model, I strive to provide a warm and open process to individuals and couples seeking treatment for either the first, second, or omtenth time. There are no age limits or sexual issue “too big” or “too small” that should hold back an individual from improving one’s intimate life. Improving one’s sexual functioning is quite a personal process, and can be starred in solo or in tandem. A partner is not needed to begin the journey of feeling complete in your intimate process.


When treating couples with sexual issues, I dislike stigmatizing labels, and question the use of the “dysfunction” label provided in the diagnostic manual. Without casting labels, blame or shame, treatment is focused on understanding the presenting sexual issues, and the way that it has been impacting the couples overall functioning, and communication with each other, and the other parts of their lives.


How it Works: Couples and individuals are encouraged to engage in a minimum of weekly couples’ therapy to enhance therapeutic effectiveness. Sessions last 50 minutes with the expectation of intake which may run longer.


Core Theoretical Orientation for Couples Therapy include:
Relational Therapy
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Sexual Narrative Therapy
Behavioral Therapy
Attachment Theory

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