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Individual Therapy

“At some point in our lives, we may feel stuck or face certain challenges. Sometimes we know exactly what’s wrong and other times we have the nagging sense that something feels “off.”.
–- Lori Gottlieb


If you are an individual looking to begin your own personal journey–kudos to you for taking the first step. If you are like most people, the first step tends to be the hardest, and even one as seemingly benign as a google search landing you on this page. I work with a wide array of issues ranging from anxiety, depression, OCD, sexual issues (hyperlink to sex therapy page) fertility, and beyond. I specialize in relationship issues such as dating, breakups, and infidelity, and yes I work with those you have betrayed and have been betrayed by your partner. I also work with couples (hyperlink to couples therapy page), and people managing issues that are specific to the Tech & Start-up Community.


So many people don’t know what to expect at an initial session. I work in a calm and collaborative manner to be able to get to know you and the issues you are holding. I encourage transparency and a knowing of self to solve towards your goals, and give you tools so you can help yourself in the future. I am available to work with individuals, whether you are on your own or part of a couple. I work in a collaborative manner that encourages you as the client to work hard towards your goal.


Come in and relax and let’s work on your issues together. You deserve to be happy, and happiness deserves your attention, so give yourself the attention you deserve


How it works: Individuals are encouraged to engage in a minimum of weekly psychotherapy sessions to enhance therapeutic effectiveness. Sessions are 45 minutes except for the initial intake session which can take a bit longer.


Core Theoretical Orientation for Individual Therapy include:


Just to name a few
Attachment Therapy
Psychoanalytic Theory
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Relational Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy, (SFT)
Trauma Informed Therapy
Narrative Therapy

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