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Meet Ruthie

Why has therapy become so popular? While in undergrad, sitting in a psychology class, I remember asking myself about the function of therapy. In today’s ever changing, and stressful world I no longer ask that question.


Growing up in the diversity of an international city like New York, I have seen how culture and experiences shape us. I have always had a curious mind and it has taken me years of training to learn that asking radically curious questions is exactly what good therapy is all about. Storytelling is a big part of my being, and part of what attracted me to narrative therapy. It has become an integral part of my practice, and I feel that our internal and external narratives truly shape the way we walk in the world. I maintain a collaborative and transparent therapeutic relationship with my clients, and acknowledge that a great deal of my learning comes from those I work with each and every day.


(I value learning something new every day, and infusing that into my practice.)


My adventurous spirit has led me across the globe. This has helped me hold an international lens, and work with clients who originate from literally all over the world. I recognize the intricacies of individual and communal immigration narratives. I believe that understanding how intergenerational transmission of trauma can present in the day to day or be buried deep below is something to be explored. We as humans unknowingly pass down narratives that live in our bodies, and it is our task to understand, and make sense of those salient narratives.


I consider myself to be resilient, and feel that we, as humans, hold a great deal of resiliency inside us. The trick i.e the work, is to tap into that resiliency when we hit a hard patch. Silos don’t work when it comes to mental health. Professional collaboration is an integral part of best practice and I spend a great deal of time consulting with other therapists as well as the world’s leading experts in the area at hand. I try my best to stay on the cutting edge of therapeutic techniques while also supervising therapists who share a similar thirst for knowledge.


I have been practicing since 2009 and find myself ever excited to sit down with individuals who are ready to find the tools they need to understand themselves. I hold a masters in social work from Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and completed a four year post graduate training in couples and family therapy at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I have served on faculty at Ferkauf School of Psychology doctoral program.


Licensing, Certifications & Affiliations
Clinical Licensed Social Worker, Yeshiva University
Certificate in Family Therapy, Ackerman Institute for the Family (4 year clinical training program)


Academic & Professional Associations
Ackerman Alumni Association
Ferkauf school of Psychology
Wurzweiler School of Social Work